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Donations Accepted

What items can you donate to Cardiff Foodbank?

The following list of food (and other) items are what we currently use to make up our emergency food parcels. From time to time this list may change, so please do check back to this page and our main ‘Donate Food‘ page for up to date information.

We’ve also listed below some items that we are unable to accept for distribution.

We can accept…

All donations (food and other essential items) must be in date and in the original package and unopened.
We cannot accept gift wrapped items – gift wrapped donations will need to be opened and checked before distribution.

Food Items
Soup – (tins & packets)
Tomatoes (tinned)
Baked Beans
Potatoes (tinned)
Vegetables (tinned)
Meat (tinned)
Fish (tinned)
Pasta (max 1kg packs)
Rice (max 1kg packs)
Easy Cook Pasta and Noodles (Pot Noodle etc.)
Cooking Sauces (pasta sauce etc.)
Breakfast Cereals (size 350g – 500g)
Coffee (instant)
Fruit (tinned)
Custard (tinned)
Rice Pudding (tinned)
Milk (UHT long/life 1 litre)
Fruit Juice – long life (1 litre cartons)
Squash (1 litre bottles)
Jams and Spreads
Savoury Snacks (Crisps, crackers, cheese biscuits, healthy snack bars etc)
Condiments (Ketchup etc.)

Seasonal Items

Female Hygiene Products
Individual bars of soap
Shower gel
Shaving foam/gel
Toothpaste & Toothbrush (adult and child)

Baby Items
Nappies (all sizes – unopened)
Baby wipes

Household Items

Washing up liquid
Laundry liquid/gel
Toilet roll (small packs or individual rolls)
Disinfectant wipes
Cleaning sprays
Cleaning cloths
Hand sanitisers
Good quality carrier bags

We are unable to accept…

Any items not on our core distribution list above
Out of date items – food or other
Opened or part used food items and packets
Home made products – food or other
Perishable food items (fresh food project may redefine this)
Baby Milk Formula Stages 1 & 2
Fizzy Soft Drinks
Medicines / Vitamins (prescription or over the counter)/ CBD Products
Incontinence Pads
Alcohol & tobacco
Books / DVDs / CDs
Clothing or Footwear


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