118 tonnes of Emergency Food to local people in Cardiff!

24th April 2018

118 tonnes of emergency food supplies given to local people in last year, Cardiff Foodbank reveals.

Through the generosity of hundreds of individuals across the city of Cardiff 134 tonnes of food were donated to Cardiff Foodbank last year. In particular, during the third quarter alone just over 55 tonnes were donated. As well as providing emergency food through our distribution centres, we were also able to support other initiatives in the city, helping those in desperate need. We are very grateful to all who have donated vital food over the past year.

Between 1stApril 2017 and 31stMarch 2018, 11,536 three day emergency food supplies were provided to local people in crisis by Cardiff Foodbank, compared to 14,566 in the previous year. Of this number, 4443 (38%) went to children.

The Trussell Trust’s Foodbank network has today reported a UK-wide increase in foodbank use.  However, Cardiff Foodbank has seen a decrease in clients from the previous year.  This is partly because 2016 saw the pilot of the Fuelbank project led by NPower, which caused increased demand at our Distribution Centres.

Cardiff Foodbank shares the concerns reported by other foodbanks in full Universal Credit rollout areas, as Cardiff commenced its roll out in February 2018. These concerns are also highlighted today by The Trussell Trust in a new report about the difficulties some people are experiencing. It is too soon in the roll out in Cardiff to assess trends but anecdotal information provides evidence of similar difficulties with processes. The Foodbank worked closely with key partners across the city during the Universal Credit implementation phase.

As part of a national network campaigning for change, the foodbank is working hard to offer practical emergency support to help prevent people affected going hungry, whilst simultaneously participating in vital research and raising awareness about the issues local people are facing. Those attending Cardiff’s 7 Distribution Centres benefit from the Local Authority providing Money Advisors at each session. These advisors are funded by the local authority and data provided by them reports, in a seven month period, 1092 clients were given advice with a total of £8,658 savings made for them.

Eleanor Sanders, Chair of Trustees of Cardiff Foodbank said:

“We don’t want to be here forever. No one in Cardiff should need a foodbank’s help and we want to see an end to local people needing emergency food at all. It doesn’t have to be this way – with a benefits system that catches people before they fall into crisis, and secure work that provides people with enough money to cover the cost of essentials, this is possible. But until that time, we’ll continue to provide vital support when it matters most – we’re dedicated to ensuring that people in our community with no money for food are able to access emergency support, and that has only been possible in the last year because of the incredible generosity shown by local people in donating food, time and funds. Thank you.”

The running costs for the foodbank are around £100,000 a year, a third of which is covered by The Henry Smith charity through the Community Foundation in Wales, along with a couple of other key grants, and the remainder is raised locally to enable them to continue their work. Costs include staffing, warehouse space to sort and stock donated food, vans to pick up donated food and deliver to distribution centres, and other overheads like utilities and insurances. The foodbank welcomes any new offers of help with funding – local businesses, organisations and individuals interested in supporting the foodbank’s work can find out more at and


Helen Bull, Development Manager Cardiff Foodbank can be reached on [email protected] or 029 2048 4120

Notes to Editors 

Cardiff Foodbank:

  • Cardiff Foodbank has been providing three days emergency food and support to local people since 2009
  • 134 tonnes of food were donated by the local community between April 2017 – March 2018
  • For more info, visit
  • Cardiff Foodbank is part of The Trussell Trust network.  For UK-wide Trussell Trust foodbank statistics visit

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