Out of a negative came a positive

26th July 2016

One women’s Foodbank experience


I came into work on a Thursday morning to *Simone’s email asking if she would be able to get a foodbank voucher. This is not unusual as more and more people have heard about foodbanks but don’t always know how to go about getting our help. I replied to Simone with the usual information and went on with my routine. The next day we received this email providing lovely feedback for our volunteer’s.


“I attended St Saviours Church on Splott Road, on entering I felt very welcome and made to feel comfortable, I was seated straightaway and given a coffee and a cake which was lovely. The staff were so friendly and asked me the ages of the kids so as they could provide appropriate food.


The staff made me feel so at ease and chatted to me and the other customers which was nice. They asked me if things were ok and I would have certainly been able to have spoken to them about any problems or worries I had. 


I was then given some lovely bread and pasties from Greggs, enough for all of us. Then I was given 6 big bags of shopping, I was totally bowled over by the quantity and quality of the food, they had thought of everything and I’m able to make lots of meals out of it there were even some treats in there for the kids. 


I would certainly use the foodbank again and didn’t feel at all embarrassed or ashamed which was how i was worried I would feel as I’ve never had to do this before. 

It really is a fab service. “Simone* Feb 2016


Simone had been struggling with juggling bills and payments due to a change in her circumstances, her email went on to say.


“The reason I felt I had no alternative but to use the foodbank was because since having to leave my job as a pharmacy dispenser due to relationship breakdown and subsequent lack of child care I soon found myself living on the breadline with no help, I didn’t have the energy to go to the doctors and claim ESA and didn’t want to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance or benefit as I felt like a failure.  I have now applied for benefit payments and have an interview on Friday. I have struggled by on child tax credit and child benefit payments. This week my water bill and TV license had to be paid and I owed friends money they had kindly loaned me. This left me with no money for food gas or electric. I was worried sick all night last night and emailed about foodbank, I was responded to first thing this morning with fantastic results, and now I am involved with speakeasy they are going to help me with other issues too. Such as debt help which has been worrying me and applying for grants and payments I could be entitled to. So out of a negative has come so much positive, and I would just like to say that the services provided are fantastic.”


We at Cardiff Foodbank are just pleased to be able to offer this service and would like to thank our volunteers for the kindness and support they showed towards this family.


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