1,109,309 3 day Emergency Supplies provided across the UK in 2015/16

15th April 2016

number-of-food-supplies-facebookUK Map - regional breakdown 2015-2016

Trussell Trust Foodbanks across the country have provided 1,109,309 emergency food supplies in 2015/16.  Cardiff Foodbank provided 12078 of these parcels across the city this represent a 12% increase on the previous year and shows that our service is still in demand.  We provide a parcel containing food for 3 days, the parcels have been designed to provide a nutritionally balanced menu for 3 meals for 3 days.


There are many reasons why people come to Cardiff Foodbank, the top three reasons are benefit changes, low income and benefit delays.  Below you can read ‘Sophies’ story which illustrates how easy it can be to fall into the poverty trap.


“The reason I felt I had no alternative but to use the foodbank was because since having to leave my job as a pharmacy dispenser due to relationship breakdown and subsequent lack of child care I soon found myself living on the breadline with no help, I didn’t have the energy to go to the doctors and claim ESA and didn’t want to claim Jobseeker’s Allowance or benefit as I felt like a failure.  I have now applied for benefit payments and have an interview on Friday. I have struggled by on child tax credit and child benefit payments. This week my water bill and TV license had to be paid and I owed friends money they had kindly loaned me. This left me with no money for food gas or electric. I was worried sick all night last night and emailed about foodbank, I was responded to first thing this morning with fantastic results, and now I am involved with speakeasy they are going to help me with other issues too. Such as debt help which has been worrying me and applying for grants and payments I could be entitled to. So out of a negative has come so much positive, and I would just like to say that the services provided are fantastic.” Sophie April 2016

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