12 Days of Christmas

Would you consider donating £12 (or more) as part of our 12 Days of Christmas appeal to help those facing food crisis across Cardiff?

The need and use of foodbanks is growing. We are witnessing an increase in individuals and families turning to foodbanks to help them through tough times. We are meeting people from all walks of life and backgrounds who suddenly find themselves facing food crisis, people who live in our city, walk our streets, maybe even family members or friends. You may never know who has attended a foodbank, as they often come with a sense of embarrassment, shame or fear of what people might think or say. Many tell us that they never thought that they would need to use a foodbank and this is a constant reminder to us that, in the months to come, this could be any one of us.

The 12 stories/quote we will share during the 12 days of Christmas, whilst we have changed the names, are from local people – people just like us!


People have generously donated much needed food items and we are so thankful for every item. However, we also need financial support to help us operate and ensure that we can continue to distribute food to those who need it most.

So we are asking you, over this Christmas and New Year period, to consider giving a financial donation towards our work?

Would you consider collecting just £1 per day over the 12 Days of Christmas (25 December – 5th January) to support our work? Why not encourage your family, friends, work colleagues and those in your community, church or faith group to do the same.

Donating £12 (or more!) to Cardiff Foodbank will help us with much needed resources to support those facing food crisis over these coming winter months into 2019. Every donation will help!+

How to donate:

You can choose how to donate;
– donate online via our local giving page: https://localgiving.org/12days
The minimum you can donate via local giving is £2 so we suggest donating the £12 in one sum at any point during 12 Days of Christmas.
– send* us a cheque (payable to ‘Cardiff Foodbank’)
– collect the cash and drop it into our main Warehouse*

Cardiff Foodbank, Unit N5, Cardiff Bay Business Centre, Titan Road, Cardiff CF24 5EJ

Thank you so much for considering giving a financial donation, we really appreciate your ongoing support.

+Your donations will help to cover warehouse rent, rates, equipment & utilities (vans and petrol to collect and deliver food) and staffing costs.

Share this with your family, friends and contacts by copying the following onto your social media.

I’m helping to support people in Cardiff who are facing food crisis by donating to #CardiffFoodbank. This is part of their 12 Days of Christmas appeal. You can do the same by following this link: https://localgiving.org/12days | For more information visit: http://bit.ly/2rj9dYi